Travel App Development

The world has witnessed a tremendous growth in the use of smartphones in the last decade and targeting audience on this continuously growing platform using mobile apps has become the prime focus of every industry. Travel industry may prove to be the highest gainer from this according to experts as the target audience of this industry is always on the go and need to be served in that fashion.

Realizing this huge potential in the need of apps for travel industry, Sahyog Tour & Travels, India's largest B2B travel portal for over a decade now, has stepped up to offer travel app development services to small to large travel industries to help them offer best travel deals to their customers on the move.

How it works?

Once you make the decision of getting benefitted from STT's travel app development services, this is how it'll work:

  • Requirement Gathering:
    Our representative will contact you to understand how you want your app to look like and what services you want to incorporate in the app to be developed.
  • Implementation:
    Our team of developers will keep you updated with the progress and take up your feedback on how you need your app to be customized to best meet your needs.
  • Admin Control:
    The app will be provided with an admin panel where you will be able to see a wide range of business reports including bookings, sales, performance and more. You can also be provided with a provision of creating customized holiday packages in the panel. Other maintenance tools will also be incorporated in the panel.


Being a travel agent willing to grow the followers of your brand and the number of beneficiaries of your brand's services, Sahyog Tour & Travels will help you achieve this with its mobile app development services for android and iOS platforms and also mobile sites for wap enabled phones.

Strengthen Your Brand Presence

Having a mobile app or mobile site help your brand reach the hands of your target audience that is not possible with your desktop site because even if it is accessed through mobile, it will load much slower and that too with not proper resources due to lack of optimization and you might end up losing potential customers.

Reach New Customers

There is a larger section of potential customers that majorly rely only on mobile devices to access any information on the internet and having a mobile-optimized website or a mobile app can help you reach and serve them with ease.

Increased Sales

Wider brand reach and continuous engagement from new customers will ensure more and more bookings from the customers and soon you will be able to convert the visitors into your fans with smooth user interface throughout their booking experience and better deals.